FAQ - Woocommerce Ultimate Discount


All our themes and plugins, including the WooCommerce Ultimate Discount Plugin, are highly documented.

You can find all our documentations at http://docs.bumblebee.createit.pl/en/latest/

Our specifications are detailed enough to enable a non-technical person setting up each of our theme and plugin.
You do not need any technical skills to configure createIT themes & plugins.

You can also meet our client community a tour support forum.

Our plugin is the only one in the market offering diverse promotion & discount rules (numeric & percentage, updated in the cart on the fly) with recommendation and loyalty systems.

As a software house, many times have we faced issues integrating limited external discount plugins to our clients’ e-commerce systems. Many of these plugins would not work correctly or would generate only limited discounts, forcing us to integrate several plugins in a single system.

This is why we have created a global solution - one plugin to manage all discounts, reward and loyalty programs.

If you are building your own e-shop, increase your sales and customer base immediately, using efficient e–promo tools.

If you are a web programmer, building an e–commerce website to order, recommend a complex discount management plugin to your client, and build trust.

There are two billing plans for using the WooCommerce Ultimate Discount Plugin to your choice:

- $79/ year plan – this billing plan enables the plugin integration on a single domain. It includes, free plugin updates and support for 1 year.

- $199/ year plan – this billing plan enables the plugin integration on unlimited domains. It includes, free plugin updates and support for 3 years.

Both billing plans give you access to all plugin features such as, among others: Dynamic pricing & discounts, Loyalty management system, Recommendation building system, Dynamic promo badges, Real time info display, On-the-fly conditional cart discounts.

See: Terms & Conditions for details.

The plugin is the intellectual property of Link365 Global Solutions Inc. (“Link365”)

Subscription payments are handled via PayPal. A subscription can be cancelled up until the day before the next scheduled payment in order for you not to be charged.

  1. Login into your PayPal account.
  2. Click the Settings icon next to "Log out".
  3. Click the Payments tab.
  4. Under Pre-approved payments, click Manage pre-approved payments.
  5. Select the merchant whose agreement you want to cancel and click Cancel.
  6. Click Cancel Profile to confirm your request.

See: Terms & Conditions for details.

With us as the Author of the plugin, you will not be left alone in case of any technical issues. We have our support forum and support team available at all times, within our standard working hours (GMT+1, 10AM-6PM, Monday-Friday).

We are the Elite Author on ThemeForest.net so you will not be the first to get professional help from our 5* support team.

In case of any issues contact us directly:
- send us an e-mail at: support@ultimatediscountplugin.com
- visit our support forum at: https://createit.support/
- use the chat on this website

You can also find all our documentations at http://docs.bumblebee.createit.pl/en/latest/

WooCommerce Ultimate Discount Plugin enables its users to manage dynamic discounts, client reward systems, reference programs, dynamic promo badges as well as conditional cart discounts, in numeric and percentage values, in web systems based on WordPress for WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Ultimate Discount Plugin provides components to build welcome discounts for new users, storewide rule management, conditional numeric & percentage discounts, client discount reward system, recommendation building system, time and category discount rules as well as dinamic discount info display.

The plugin is the intellectual property of Link365 Global Solutions Inc. (“Link365”)

The User, when subscribing a paid plan, is required to provide Link365 with billing and account information for the PayPal payment system which the User is authorized to approve charges to allow Link365 to collect payment from the Users for their purchases. The Users authorize Link365 to automatically and immediately bill the Payment Source when payments for plans are due. The User shall only be allowed to raise an objection to a bill/deduction within 14 days starting from the day the deduction was made. If the objection was not raised, the deduction is deemed accepted by the User.

The billing of a plan is made on a pre-paid basis. The payment source will be billed within five bank working days of the beginning of the chosen subscription period and at every renewed period of subscription respectively according to the current price list.

See: Terms & Conditions for details.

Without active subscription you will no longer have access to Ultimate Discount Plugin Updates, which means all new features, bug fixes and WooCommerce compatibility releases. You will also no longer be able to use our Free Support.

However, you still can use our plugin on your website, but without ability to update it above the last purchased version.